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Emotion leads to action
while Reason leads to conclusions.
— Donald Calne, MD Neurologist

Hello! I'm Jenn Hyvonen.

I grew up in the 70s and 80s. Freckled-faced with red hair, I moved 9 times from east coast to west coast and a few places in between. Fitting in was a matter of survival, and my 'Go To' became listening to people's stories to find connections and build friendships. 

Today, I work with companies, enterprises and nonprofits to grab attention, build relationships and ignite action. Combining business planning, marketing, communication, fundraising and stellar writing, my strategies and stories breakthrough the noise and build long-term success.

I'll get you crystal clear on who you want to talk to and move beyond reason to emotionally connect PEOPLE (not customers, consumers, users, donors) to your services, products and brands. Whether you want to launch, penetrate, convert, or scale, let's tell your story and accomplish your goals.


What I Do

I write game plans and tell stories.

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