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5 Reasons Why Monday Is The Best Day Of The Week

Mondays, The Funwreaker Day. Just as the weekend crescendos into a self-satisfied groove of relaxation and self-indulgence, Monday reaps its litany of responsibility reminders: alarm clocks, meeting preps, carpool. Even the anticipation of a Monday can bring on an eye twitch.

It is true, Mondays don’t pack the party power of Fridays and Saturdays, but do they have to be the perpetual Debbie Downers they're famed for? Even I cop to hurling a few foul words at a Monday or two, especially those followed by vacations that end with the family rolling into the driveway Sunday at midnight and the realization that there is no chance the coffee creamer that was left in the refrigerator is still good. But really? I made the adult decision to not be held hostage by Monday Morning Dread and scheduled the late night re-entry. It was just time to pay. And I mean $6 for a non-fat, skinny latte on the way into work. But as whole, we can look forward to Mondays. Hear me out.

1. Weekend Reality Check: It’s not all Burning Man and Sleep Ins

The last time I checked, I have two kids, a dog, a house and a yard. This means that weekends often shift from work to catching up on house, finance and parental duties. It's a nice shift, but how many weekend alarms have been set to get the kids to ski lessons and basketball games? Or to sneak in a workout? I'm not even going to mention DIY projects, because I don't do them. But my friends tell me how much work they are, so I'm sure there is an alarm clock or two in there somewhere. Let's do the math. Unless you are in your early 20s with a personal chef and housekeeper, live in a 200-square-foot apartment with no kids, no dog and have no assets or relationships of any kind, chances are your weekend includes a list of things that require you to get up early'ish.

2. Mondays Give You a Break

It is true. I love my family and even enjoy spending time with them. But as it turns out home is “safe ground” for all who reside there. It is the place where everyone can be themselves: Unfiltered. Free from the basic social constructs necessary to survive on the otherside of the front door. Personal boundaries erode. Freakouts happen. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve landed at my desk Monday morning with a cup of coffee thinking, Well, this I can handle.

3. No One Asks for Deliverables on Mondays

(News reporters and cops, I'm not talking to you). Yes, there are exceptions. I’ve jumped on Sunday night planes to make Monday morning meetings, and I’ve put in my share of weekend work hours. But in general, no one expects you to have anything finished first thing Monday morning (except this blog). Monday mornings are given a wider berth than other days, which gives you the coveted time to catch up and plan out. Carpe diem, my friends, because come Wednesday and Thursday your office door is open for business, and the clock is ticking because people do want things EOD Friday. Rather than Funwreakers, Mondays should be recast as Zero-Entry Days.

4.    Work Isn’t All Bad

I’ve worked fulltime, overtime, parttime, flextime, from home, weekends, holidays and not at all. And, yes, the work week is long and hard and I have wished on occasion that I was doing anything else. But here, the grass is greener. Work allows you that quintessential sweet spot of feeling accomplished, learning something new and getting PAID, which comes with great benefits like making your mortgage payment, buying ice cream, and traveling to new places. The hardest part of any job is getting started, and this is where Mondays get a bad rap. But now that you know this, you can move through it. As with anything worth doing, you’ve got to pull up your big girl pants at some point and dive in. Mondays are great for this. You are relaxed, you might have gained a new perspective over the weekend, and you have four more days to build momentum and check things off your list. Not buying it? Ask someone who doesn’t have a job how they feel about Mondays.

5. Say Mondays are Great, and They Will Be

Mind over matter. The power of perception. Driving between meetings, I heard an Ira Flaytow "Science Friday" interview with a neuroscientist. (Sorry, a brief Google search couldn’t drum up the specifics, but this did happen.) The scientist said that they used to think that people who were depressed had an exceptionally negative view of reality, but now the prevailing view is that depressed people have an exceptionally realistic view of reality and it's optimists who need a reality check. Turns out happy people build up a fortress of positive lies to protect them from the drudgeries of everyday life. So, yeah, it is all in our heads. His message to America: Jump in and drink the Kool-Aid.

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