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Writer/Project Manager
Jennifer Hyvonen

What sets one research firm apart from its competition is its deep-bench of talent. When clients are in need of high-level research and project management expertise, the firm curates each project team to meet specific client needs. But how can this firm best communicate their strongest business asset in a way that moves clients to sign on the dotted line?


Jenn Hyvonen reviewed the firm’s team bio writing strategy and determined that although the bios scored high points for approachability, they needed a results-oriented approach to promote credibility. If clients are being asked to bank on a particular researcher’s expertise, they’d need to know what the researcher has actually accomplished, not just for how long or for whom.


Hyvonen set to work updating the firm’s bio writing strategy to incorporate a results component and developed a writing format that works from website to proposals and beyond. A one-stop template that houses all the master bios now lives on a Shared Drive. The result is a bio writing process that is quick and simple, easy to update, and clearly communicates the company’s strongest business asset in a way that is meaningful to clients.