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Increasing Capacity

Development Officer, Project Manager, Writer, Publicist
Dental Clinic Capacity Building Campaign

Fourth Street Clinic, a health care for homeless nonprofit in Salt Lake City, had been granted $3.4 million to build a much needed dental clinic. None of these funds could be used for operation and there was no opportunity to generate revenue through health insurance reimbursements. Operations had to be funded through fundraising and volunteers.

To give direction, I asked Fourth Street Clinic take a hard look at what types of services and infrastructure would make a meaningful difference in their patients lives. I wanted to distinguish the clinic as something that solved community problems, not just as a haphazard, this-is-all-we-can-do operation.

I developed a business plan supported with a 5-year operational budget. The dental clinic needed $500,000 in annual operating funds. Within six months, funding for Year 1 was secured along with a pledge of $650,000 to be paid out equally over 5 years. This pledge gave the clinic enough financial security to hire a full-time dentist who would ensure continuous access to dental care and increase capacity by supervising volunteers and students.